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The Cab Driver Newspaper, incorporating Steering Wheel and established in 1921 is the licensed taxi industry's oldest, most respected and largest independent newspaper. Following the death of proprietor and editor Dave Allen, The Cab Driver is now for sale. Do you want to own the newspaper? Contact us below.

There are more than 23,000 taxicabs in London, over 50% of which are owner-driven, carrying over 250 million passengers every year. To keep their taxis on the road, London taxi operators spend over £150 million each year on diesel & lubricants, £25 million on spares & accessories, £10 million on tyres, £12 million on insurance and £5 million on batteries. In one year 1,000 taxis will carry more than 3.5 million tourists each of whom will part with around £1500 whilst they are in London, but the Cab Driver isn't only distributed in London, it also reaches drivers throughout England and Scotland. You can reach this rich but often overlooked market through the pages of The Cab Driver.

The Cab Driver Newspaper is not just another in-trade publication, it is the very heart of the taxi industry. Use it to get to the heart of the cab trade... and its customers.

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